Ronald “Stacks” Dupont was born September 14, 1982 in the inner city of Miami called “Overtown”. A place where negativity often overshadows the light of positive events, locally famed African-American jeweler and owner/founder of Stacks Customs Jewelry, began his prodigious career in 2008. The self taught jeweler had to overcome many objections from those who didn’t share his same vision. With pure persistence and dedication Stacks created his first piece of jewelry, a 20dwt, white gold, 3ctw diamond pinky ring. On this day Stacks dreams of becoming a jeweler instantaneously became his reality.

At the youthful age of 26, he opened his first jewelry establishment renting a office space in the 100 year old Common Wealth building located Downtown, Miami. This is the same office space Al Capone used as a conference room many years ago. Stacks then went on to create his dream team of manufacturers that help him push the creative boundaries of what can be called jewelry today. In doing so, he is now the jeweler of several well respected hip hop artist and sports figures in Miami. Stack’s passion for his craft continues to grow daily and he firmly stands behind his design integrity, diamond quality, fine craftsmanship, and detail.

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Since 2007, our brand has pushed the boundaries of custom jewelry art. Shop with us online and bring your dreams to life with Stacks Customs dream team. 


Our in-store visits are appointment based only. We often have clients who require the store to remain closed to the public, for media and security purposes. Please contact us to set up an appointment based on availability.


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