We pride our service when it comes to gold/diamond teeth. Whether pull-out (temporary) or permanent grillz we guarantee top quality. Lets get you set up with an appointment and fitted for your perfect fit.

Pricing Options (Per Tooth)

All Gold

10kt : $75

14kt : $100

18kt : $225

VVS: $1000


Additional dental work may be required at additional cost. All of our mold fittings done in-store.


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Mon-Friday 10AM-5PM EST 


17 E Flagler Miami, FL 33132

About Stacks Customs

Since 2007, our brand has pushed the boundaries of custom jewelry art. Shop with us online and bring your dreams to life with Stacks Customs dream team. 


Our in-store visits are appointment based only. We often have clients who require the store to remain closed to the public, for media and security purposes. Please contact us to set up an appointment based on availability.


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